Taura Lamb Makes Melancholic Return on Latest Release, ‘Crybaby’

In what has been a busy year for Taura Lamb (it’s her 6th solo single of the year), ‘Crybaby‘ is another spectacular release. The melancholic piano instrumental throughout the track sets the sombre tone of the song’s message. The singer meanwhile displays angelic vocals full of passion, making you feel the weight of the lyrics.

It’s a powerful song that allows you to feel the pain and emotion that the artist herself felt while writing the lyrics. Paired with the music video, it’s yet another example of Lamb’s talent. This track will be on the ‘Teary‘ EP which is part of the Moods series which contains four EPs, all centered around different emotional feelings.

Taura Lamb is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can find more news pieces here and watch the video below.

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