Devin Kennedy Has Us Asking Ourselves If We’re Happy Yet

You know how much we enjoy setting a scene or sharing personal connections via the new music that we share here on IM and guess what?! That has not changed! Hahaha! Grab your orange juice and sit around the fire, kids. Today, we’re talking about distorted self-image. Cue Happy Yet by Devin Kennedy.

Quick backstory: Devin Kennedy is a Berklee College of Music Graduate who debuted in 2018. Since then, he has won many an award, sold-out shows and amassed millions of streams online – working hard while on the rise. Four months ago, he released an EP called ‘You & Me, That’s Enough’ and my word – the track No Worries – SHEESH! But we’re not here to talk about that right now…

Devin Kennedy happy yet

His new single Happy Yet slaps differently, especially coming from an artist who knows how to express sweetness. Picture this: you or somebody you know is consumed by looking a certain way or doing certain things as a way of seeking validation. They’re obsessively focused on portraying a lifestyle that hides the active fight against anxiety, depression, the lack mentality and low-self esteem on social media platforms on the quest for happiness. It is during this time where we ought to come to trust that beating thing in our chests and give our all to ourselves before we ask “where do I buy happiness?”

Devin Kennedy has explored what it means to have social media influence our choices and challenge our core values thus creating limiting beliefs. Happy Yet speaks to the soul that is overcoming the hopelessness in all aspects, indirectly redirecting traffic from what we see to what we feel and living wholly.

Devin Kennedy happy yet

If you are experiencing some mental health imbalances, it’s okay to seek help. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to. Feel free to contact any mental health practitioners in your area and get your mind right. Everything will work out. Take help, have faith and gear your social media interests towards happiness.

Listen to Happy Yet here:

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