Faith Richards

Faith Richards Brings The Year to A Close with New Single ‘good girl’

R&B artist Faith Richards displays her playful and sexy side in her new single – ‘good girl’.

The Paris-based singer-songwriter first came into the spotlight in 2018 with her single, ‘Right Here’. This would be the demo version, with the final master being released the following year. She would later release her debut EP, ‘I’m Right Here’, in June 2019. The singer would go on to release a number of singles including the popular tracks: ‘My Caffeine’, ‘Bold’ and ‘Blue’. In 2022, Richards released her album ‘I’ll Bloom When I’m Ready’.

As an artist, Richards is known for experimenting with different genres and moods. While some songs explore her insecurities, others highlight her bad b***h energy. The new single ‘good girl’ showcases her refusal to be put in a box.

I’m human – sometimes I’m shy, sometimes I’m social, sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I’m just doing my own thing. I can be everything all at once. No label. No box. Just Faith Richards in her entirety.

– Faith Richards

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Stream ‘good girl’ now:

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