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Finn Foxell Is Comfortable In His Own Skin With New Single, Be Me

Shepherd’s Bush musician Finn Foxell puts on full display his evolution from rapper to multidimensional artist in his new single  ‘Be Me’. 2021 was a big year for Finn, winning Wonderland Magazine ‘Ones to Watch’ 2022 and completing his solo ‘Alright Sunshine’ UK tour, and in 2022 there seems this is no stopping him with the release of his new single.

‘Be Me’ personifies Finn’s growth as an artist as he meshes together his reflective rap lyrics with a smoother indie sound compared to his older tracks predominantly using more rap and grime beats. Finn kicks off the song by stating ‘since a lil lad wanna be a G’ but it’s not until the chorus we get the full lyric ‘since a lil lad wanna be a G, then I realised I could be me’. The verses are filled with nostalgia and almost seem to be validating the point that Finn is at in his life now; a place where he can express himself as an artist through any genre and sound, not what he thought he had to be so no one ‘would test’ when he’s ‘walking down the street’.

Finn’s lyrics have a resonance that we can all understand – from being the kid who just wants to fit into growing up realising there’s no reason you can’t wholeheartedly be yourself. On TikTok users have been using the song to showcase their own journey in how they learned that being themselves is the best thing they can be.

Alongside the release of his new single, Finn isn’t stopping in 2022 as he embarks on his second UK tour ‘What’s your Poison’ in October.

Words by Kathryn Smith

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