TONYB. Is a Flashing Light in His Deluxe Album Release

Singer-songwriter TONYB., has released an 18-track deluxe version of his album, Flashing Lights. It gives listeners a traditional but much-loved vibe of the 90’s and 2000s R&B with an alternative twist and a hint of neo-soul. As an artist, he is influenced by and credits his range of musical and vocal dynamics of artists like Aaliyah, D’Angelo, and Usher. He is no stranger to accolades from featuring on multiple editorial Spotify playlists. Including Fresh Finds and R&B Fresh Finds, and his music racking up over half a million streams to date! As a musician with a growing influence, he most definitely is one to keep on your radar.

Listening to the album, TONYB., sings about a love that is sultry, grown, and unpredictable. It issafe to say we have all been there. Flashing Lights takes you on a journey worth following opening up with the single “Worst Way” featuring Paris Laná. Their voices intertwine and set the pace for the album. Their soulful voices singing “I want you back in the single worst way,” it initially brings the listeners into a space filled with hi-hats, deep bass, and the complexity of love.

The deluxe version of Flashing Lights also features his new single “Serious”. The track conveys the idea of catching feelings and the depth of the emotions that comes with it. TONYB.’s soft vocals sing “Don’t let it get too serious” combined with a catchy hook and heavy R&B beats make for a song you want on repeat.

Other key tracks to highlight include Angels, Use Me and Say It to Me. Amongst these songs TONYB. Shows a varied experience of a vulnerable, intimate, and honest reflection. In “Angels” the listener gets to understand a side of TONYB. Not yet shown. It’s a much more delicate and emotional. TONYB. sings with such a cadence that is soft and romantic, with the crescendo of the choir theme is emphasised. Showing love in a different light, “I know my angels never leave”. Compared to, “Say it to me” on this track TONYB. Shows his ability to blend his vocals perfectly with up-tempo beats. He truly knows how to keep his fans entertained and coming back to listen for more.

Overall, the aura of Flashing Lights is a rich and soulful composition that can transport you at any time with a mixture of dance beats to get ready for a night out or a chilled night in. It showcases stunning vocal riffs and runs and elements not to be missed. Either way, this album puts TONYB. In a space to watch him grow and his music mature with him on how he tackles life and alongside artists like DVSN and Bryson Tiller. R&B will always hold on to its spot in our most favourite lists.

Follow TONYB. on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to take in the album,Flashing Lights now!

Words by Aaliyah Facey

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