Payson Lewis Examines Toxic Relationships in “In Your Heart”

Indie-styled pop artist Payson Lewis debuts his new single “In your heart”. The Philadelphia-born artist was inspired by the words “Not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world are we born”, these echo from his uplifting music that radiate a positive energy.  Payson is self-taught singer as well as a pianist which has led him to grow into a talented musician which can notably be seen in his new single. In the early stages of Payson’s career, he released a series of impressive covers on YouTube such as Taylor Swift’s “Out of the woods” and Adele’s “Hello”. This gained Payson huge viral success leading to press coverages. Since finishing in the Top-4 “The Sing-Off” on NBC Payson career has been going uphill from there. 

His debut record “Take me apart” reached over half a million streams on Spotify and featured in nearly 100 different music publications, this was a steppingstone for Payson and just the start of his successful career.  With “Take me apart” doing so well his new single it’s inevitable that ‘in your heart’ would be smashing hit. 

The new single goes into depth of how a toxic relationship can leave a major effect on someone. The effortless lyrics provides amenity to listeners wanting a level of escapism from music. Payson had a clear message for this single and wanted anyone who struggled with a toxic relationship not to feel alone, he stated “There are so many people who are trapped in abusive and toxic relationships. It’s a shadow pandemic we are living in, I don’t have the answers, but I hope this song can help those who need to hear it.” 

Payson Lewis In Your Heart

The lyrics in the single clearly represent the style Payson aims for, it illustrates a positive and energetic sound illustrating a throwback nostalgia and modern-day edge combined.  

“I thought the day would never come… If I need to let go, you got to let me, don’t make this harder.” With such honest and soothing lyrics, it helps create a story as well as providing the confidence for listeners to go through such a conflicting time and realise that it should not feel isolating. Even though the topic is sensitive Payson still manages to fully portray his positive energy throughout. The single is going to change the way sensitive topics will be sung giving a more energetic, refined sound. It is going to be the single of 2021. 

Listen to “In Your Heart” by Payson Lewis here:

Words by: Livia Likurti

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