Darla Jade Tackles Hard Topics on Her Latest Track “Forget You Not”

Up-and-comer Darla Jade is tackling an important issue in her latest track “Forget You Not.” Known for her electro-pop style, the singer takes a slower, more serious tone as she details the struggle of those who are affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“Forget You Not” is extremely personal to the singer. She was inspired by her grandmother, who was at the early stages of her battle with dementia. The young singer wanted to understand what her nan was and would be experiencing with the disease.

The title is apt – those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia struggle with memory, which causes problems for not only them but their loved ones. Someone with the disease may be unable to recognize their own children.

“It tears you apart, but what will you remember tomorrow?” Darla Jade sings in the chorus, highlighting the memory issues that the disease causes.

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The lyrics are equally heartfelt and painful, as children and grandchildren of those with Alzheimer’s can easily relate to the singer’s words. “You know lyrics from the ‘50s even though you’re in your 80s but find it hard to remember my name,” Darla Jade sings. Yes, the line is catchy, but it’s also an incredibly real thing: many people who struggle with Alzheimer’s and dementia remember random bits of trivia from decades ago but fail to recognize their own family members.

Paired with the emotional lyrics is a softer, more subtle sound. “Forget You Not” is stripped down and slow, a heartbreaking yet lovely departure from the singer’s usual ethereal vocals and electronic vibes. But this type of music is hauntingly fitting, perfect for the lyrical content.

“I’ve sung Forget You Not a few times live prior to release, each time I have it’s really moved people and given those who have been affected by dementia a way to open up about their own personal experiences,” Darla Jade revealed. “Dementia is such a horrible illness and I want to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Society.”

With the release of “Forget You Not,” Darla Jade is doing more than just raising awareness; she plans to donate to the Alzheimer’s Society, as well as plan and host an event in May to raise money for the charity.

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Listen to “Forget You Not” here:

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