Midlands Pop Songstress Darla Jade Returns With “Two Of You”

Words by: Nat Siaw-Agyeman

Darla Jade is an up and coming artist from Stoke-on-Trent who began her singing career when she was 15 years old. She released her debut single “This Time” in 2019, and since then has been making her presence in the industry known by releasing two songs. Now she is back again with her third single of the year ‘Two of You’, a song about the feeling of déjà vu when meeting someone new. 

Darla Jade has been making her mark as an artist by performing at different events such as weddings, festivals and events, even getting the opportunity to tour in Germany with The Dark Tenor. Her genre is described as indie folk – because of the ukulele undertones in her voice which gives Darla Jade a very unique sound that is unheard of in the music industry. This latest single was produced in Thailand at Karma Sound Studios and was written by Craig Sellar and Mark Smith, as well as Darla Jade.  

“Two Of You” starts off with a low pulsing bass, as Darla Jade begins to sing about meeting someone who looks very familiar to her, with “eyes so familiar/ like I’ve seen them through a mirror”. The addition of percussion adds a new depth to the beat but still maintains the stripped back vibe the song gives, making sure the listener’s full attention is on Darla Jade’s voice and her lyrics. As we reach the chorus, the song climbs into a brighter sounding section due to the introduction of a piano.

This makes the chorus distinct from the previous verse as it is louder and contains harmonies as Darla Jades continues to sing “identical clone but in another zone, is there two of you?” Once the chorus ends, the beat returns back to its stripped back and low pulsating nature, as we refocus our ears to listen to the second verse. As the song continues, Darla Jade’s whispering voice against the bass driven beat continues along the dark theme of her previous two singles and there is no doubt that “Two of You” is going to receive great reception. 

“Two of You” has definitely got a mysterious tone to it, and Darla Jade has executed this very well through her choice of beats and lyrics. The uniqueness of the song adds to the question: what else will Darla Jade release this year?

Listen to “Two of You”:

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