Lying – Chloe Collins

“Lying” begins with a beautiful summery bright intro that immediately gives you a cruising in the sun feeling.

I would call this song country pop with a subtle rock influence heard in the drum riffs. Vocally Collin’s is very much reminiscent of Taylor Swift in the Love Story era, perhaps with a slightly lower register and richer vocal tone.

“Lying” tells the story of a girl who is crushing on a guy that has no idea that she likes him. The story depicted has very little background information, which I think was done intentionally to make it more relatable.

The song takes a poignant turn at the bridge where the singer says “I wish you were mine” but reruns to the happy loved filled chorus leaving the song quite open ended.

Does she finally tell him how she feels? Who knows!? I am definitely looking forward to more music from Chloe Collins, fingers crossed for a happy ending.

you can find further information on Chloe Collins on her website or you can follow her on Twitter at and Instagram at

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