Getting to Know Matt Blvck

With a sound melodically reminiscent of the late 90s/ early 2000s, Matt Blvck is bring back real R&B with an added contemporary edge. Proudly representing his city, the South London Native returns with his new single ‘Blow’, which details the thoughts and feelings of an individual on the come-up.

Here’s what happened when I spoke to Matt about the music & more.

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?

I’d say my sound is quite soulful but with a kind of underground/hip hop flow to it.

How do you feel about the Bryson Tiller comparions?

I think it’s cool, I like his music and style. In this generation of music, people always compare artists’ styles and I think it keeps things interesting.

After the success of songs like ‘Nia’ is there any pressure for ‘Blow’ to follow suit?

I don’t think so. Not public pressure anyway. I always put a certain amount of pressure on myself to make sure I am creating the best music that I’m capable of. If I can keep the consistency in quality then the success will follow.

The Cold Love Songs EP let the fans in on the fact you have a great artistic eye when it comes to visuals, should we be expecting more of this in the future? Specially will there be a video for ‘Blow’?

Definitely. I really enjoyed that whole project and would look to do similar projects in the future. I’m currently speaking to a few video directors so hopefully a video for Blow will be in the works soon.

You rap quite a lot on this new track, do you prefer to rap or sing?

I wouldn’t say I prefer one or the other. A lot of it comes down to my mood at the time. Most of my songs are singing so people label me as a singer rather than a rapper.

Is writing bars and writing the lyrics you sing the same process, if not what’s different about them?

Yeah for me it’s completely the same. I think that’s often what sets me apart from other singers. I’ll write bars like I’m going to do a rap freestyle and then just add my melodies on to them.

Tell me about the writing process for ‘Blow’…

Blow was an interesting one. My producer ‘Sol the Producer’ sent me a snippet of the instrumental and the first thing that came to my head was the Usher melody for ‘Nice and Slow’ so I had to open the track with that melody. From there on the rest of the song was about me using my rap flows and wordplay to tell a story about where I’m at (musically). Since ‘Nia’ and ‘AFTERPARTY’ have been doing so well I’ve had a lot more interest in my music from everyone, as they can see the brand is about to ‘BLOW’.

It is no secret that you’ve been getting a lot of female attention, how are you handling that so far?

Haha, I don’t let anything like that phase me, I’m really focused on my music right now and won’t fall to distractions.

Has it gotten to the point of crazy dms?

Not crazy. I get a lot of people sending me videos of them singing along to my music, telling me their favorite songs or asking for the lyrics (mainly for Nia).

Finally, you’ve given us two EPs so far, are you working on an album now?

Currently working on another EP I’m hoping to drop at the end of summer and will look to release another at the end of the year.

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