Reé Celine teaches us self-love in her latest single "Good Without You"

#IMMusicMonday: Reé Celine Talks Self-love In Her Latest single “Good Without U”

South London’s very own singer-songwriter, Reé Celine has released her new single “Good Without U”, reminding us to never lose ourselves while being in love. 

Her sweet, yet compelling vocals can be heard harmonizing over the layers of a musically reminiscent beat, which is comparable to the likes of Summer Walker and Kehlani.

Reé Celine "Good Without U"

Reé gives us all the feel-good, loving yourself energy, but she achieves to keep the tone extremely melancholy which is a sound we customarily hear achieved by international artists. Yet, she has already been making moves throughout the UK music scene with support from BBC 1xtra’s Nadia Jae, DJ Ace, and Reprezent Radio’s, Relik Da Don.

Speaking on her latest release, and what she hopes listeners will perceive it to be, she says:

“Acknowledging that you have to be good on your own!… and not invest your entire self in another person because that way you become dependent or attached and will find it extremely difficult to disconnect. It’s okay to be in love but not to the point where you lose yourself in the process that includes accepting disrespect, inconsistency, infidelity, and your happiness.”

Reé’s songwriting displays everyday emotion that is perhaps swept under the carpet, her debut EP is set to release in 2021 and it is sure to touch on the same sentiment as this single. 

Reé Celine "Good Without U"

While it is refreshing to hear such beautiful vocals comparable to Summer Walker, the track is overlooking the impact strong choruses intend have. We hope that as Reé showcases her talents to the world, she takes more risks vocally, flaunting her flairs to the fullest potential.

“Good Without U” is available on all platforms and Reé’s debut EP is set for release in 2021, listen here:

Words by: Hiba Hassan

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