#IMDiscovers: November Roundup

IndustryMe is back with a roundup of our favourites from the month of November.

The next 10 songs are a selection of tracks we feel you should be listening to right now.

1. Loyal Bae (Unrequited Version) – Yard Ruckas

Bring the sunshine to what has been a dreary winter season, ‘Loyal Bae’ combines dancehall, R&B and Rap to produce an upbeat ode to love.

The song which epitomises the idea of being lost in love, is all about showing appreciation to your significant other for all the wonderful things they do.

The band is made up of 3 members each with their own unique stories.

Born in London (of Nigerian descent), Alex is the band leader, delivering a Motown-esque soul when the occasion calls for it. Tzz, who was born and raised in Brooklyn – New York, is the ‘New Age’ rapper in the group, delivering quirky, playful bars – there’s never a dull moment. Juvazzi, born in Portland Jamaica, is the Dancehall deejay in the group, delivering that 90s dancehall energy.

The trio often record several versions of the same track before deciding which will be the official version. Here’s the ‘Unrequited’ version of their song ‘Loyal Bae’.


2. Winter/Fall – Matthew Chaim

This gem was hidden amidst the texturally rich electro pop melodies seen throughout the EP. Deviating from the distortion listeners grew acoustmed to during this body of work and instead choosing a selection of romantic sounding strings, Matthew Chaim was able to reignite the project with a refreshing new sound.

Brimming with intentionality, each note aided in the musical representation of the transition between seasons. As the cold melts away the music changes from seemingly hollow synths and snares, to harmonious adlibs and sweeping violins carried by Chaim’s vocals.

‘Winter/Fall’ was a beautiful end to a great body of work.

3. Like You Do – Sätilä

Ushering listeners into a trance like state, ‘Like You Do’ uses the enchanting melody of sustained synths this to draw them in. Bringing together a diverse mix of indie and alternative pop sounds Sätilä has created an addictive track encapsulating listeners with its fluidity.

Inspired by the experiences of previous relationships ‘Like You Do’ addresses the issue of feeling like you are being given love from someone more gracious and trusting than yourself.

Speaking on the song the musician reveals, “This song has been the defining cornerstone of a bigger body of work I’ve been working on when it comes to production and the sonic vision”

4. The Remedy – T.Williams, James Jacob & Kelli-Leigh

It looks like T.Williams and James Jacob’s ‘The Learning process’ got an upgrade with vocals from British singer Kelli-Leigh for New single ‘The Remedy’.

Breathing new life into the track the previously inspired jazz meets house meets funk funsion, now benefits from soul powerhouse Kelli-Leigh.

The soulful songstress added another layer of vibrancy to the track, creating a sense of excitement around the release.

5. Bet – The Lunch Table ft Thuy

The contemporary R&B singer returns with new noughties inspired track ‘Bet’.

The track represents a response to a ungrateful partner who once took the singer for granted and is trying to return now that she is doing better.

On ‘Bet’ R&B singer Thuy (pronounced twee) says “thanks, but no thanks” across bouncy drum beats and catchy guitar melodies.

Thuy is rumoured to be working on an upcoming project, which will hopefully feature more throwback R&B vibes.

6. Whirlwind – Synead

The dream team Synead and Matt FX have joined forces once again for new single ‘Whirlwind’. The synth-heavy soul filled track sees Synead slowing down the tempo from previously released track ‘Phase’, for a more introspective vibe.

‘Whirlwind’ marries rich harmonies with the singer’s wide vocal range, jumping between her upper and lower register with ease.

A heartfelt revelation of overcoming struggle , ‘Whirlwind’ touches on feelings of looking on the bright side even when things are hard. The song highlights the importance of having a positive outlook and how powerful perceptions can be.

7. Silhouette – SONALI

Are you scrolling through those summer memories, as you’re about to caption that insta photo “take me back”? Well the Pop singer SONALI does exactly that with an up tempo new single entitled ‘Silhouette’.

Filled with quirky electric guitar riffs and vibrant electric piano melodies, ‘Silhouette’ will instantly transport you to a sunnier time.

Despite clearly addressing a relationship that didn’t work out, the mood of the song screams lesson learned rather than being sad.

Complete with chant like hook loosely Remenecisnt of the vocal stylings of Charli XCX, SONALI has created feel good pop music that will have you over that break up in no time.

8. My Story – Jacquelyn Walters

Independent, Nashville pop/soul singer-songwriter Jacquelyn Walters returns with soothing new single ‘My Story’. Following a positive reception to her song ‘The Game’, the Nashville singer strips in right back to deliver an impassioned vocal performance.

Warm harmonies and a six string were all Walters needed to convey a message of hope and reassurance. With a heart capturing sense of authenticity Jacquelyn poured her soul into every lyric.

With each word overflowing with optimism, ‘My Story’ brings a little bit of sunshine to even the darkest of days.

9. Die In Your Arms – Etta Bond x Kaleem Taylor

UK R&B singer Etta Bond, unveils the visuals to her new song ‘Die In Your Arms’.

The British singer-songwriter often championed for her unapologetic displays of femininity shares her sultry vocals with the world once again in the steamy new collaboration with fellow UK R&B singer Kaleem Taylor.

For those unfamiliar with Kaleem Taylor’s sound, his vocal stylings fall somewhere between D’angelo and Mario – but British of course.

The provocative visuals see Etta Bond trade on in her signature short haircut for wavy golden locks.

The cryptic visual, left just enough unsaid to keep listeners engaged all the way through.

10. Free My Skin – Steam Down

Bringing an element of colour back into the world ‘Free my skin’ is an uptempo track filled with infectious rhythms and a cheerful energy.

For many, the song serves as a welcoming introduction to Steam Down, featuring a range of catchy Jazz infused melodies.

As well as being an collective of artists Steam Down is also a weekly event and music community based in Deptford, South-East London.

Founded by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Ahnansé in May 2017, the concept was birthed by the desire to connect London based musicians and producers.

The group has since built a name for itself within London’s Jazz scene.

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