To Endure Pt. 2 – Tamara Dos Santos

Many of us have been fed the narrative that in order for things to feel worth it there has to be some form of struggle on our journey to receiving it.

But pause for a moment.

What if, even by some small margins, everything we’ve been told is true? The whimsical bliss of love may just be the light at the end of this tunnel of hardship.

That’s the possibility Tamara Dos Santos is exploring on the latest single ‘To Endure Pt 2’.

The poignant R&B ballad, which sounds as though it was hand picked from the soundtrack of an early noughties romance, touches on the confusion that ensues when deciding to leave a relationship.

The simple caveat being the singer doesn’t actually want to leave.

The hook says as much when the singer reveals:

I don’t wanna go/ I just wanna know/ If you feel the same

The lyrics indicate that Tamara is instead asking her love to give her a reason to leave that extends beyond the pain he is already putting her through.

‘To Endure Pt 2’ is the final track on the R&B new comer’s brand new EP and hints that Tamara will be bringing a range of old school R&B influences into the new decade.

It’s the rich soulful tones of Tamara’s vocals that drive the story forward, with the echoes of the singer’s anguish woven throughout the track by the light accent of adlibs.

I found the use of the bass to be an interesting touch. A stark contrast to the overall sombreness of the song, it’s bouncy rhythms and more cheerful melodies speak to the hope of better days, that the singer is likely clutching onto.

These feelings are further discussed on the bridge, reinforced by a bright sounding key change.

Is love really on the other side of the door, or is she simply looking for an excuse to stay a little bit longer?

I guess that is down to you.

Listen to the song here and let us know what you think:

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