#IMMusicClash: Miley Cyrus-Used To Be Young v Selena Gomez-Single Soon

For this new feature, we pit two of the biggest releases of the week and see what our writers think is the better track. For our first musical clash, we have the highly publicised new releases from Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. These former Disney Channel stars are both now pop stars in their own right, but who did IndustryMe think made the better song?

Esme Watson (Writer)

As a big fan of both singers’ respective Disney Channel characters, this comeback by both is definitely making eight-year-old me very happy! ‘Single Soon‘ is an empowering tune about dressing up for yourself and leaving a relationship. It’s accompanied by a fun poppy sound, reminiscent of the storytelling of her lifelong friend Taylor Swift. Whereas, Miley has released the somber track ‘Used To Be Young’. This melancholic ballad takes on the responsibility of all the different personas she has had over the years. Furthermore, Miley uses the song as a way of defending the fun she had in her youth.

Although each of these tunes focuses on the experience of being young, the personal styles of either singer contrast well. Moreover, both of these strong female artists have been heavily criticised throughout their careers, whether their clothing or relationship choices. I feel these new releases are a great comeback to reclaim their thrones as the stars they have always been. Each song is personal in its own way while still sharing their personal growth and takes on female empowerment. I couldn’t pick one over the other.

Santiago Abad (Writer)

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez provided us with great end-of-the-summer singles. Miley Cyrus reminiscing on her crazier and younger side without criticism but acceptance is quite refreshing. On the other hand, Selena Gomez speaks about freedom from a relationship. The song will make you want to bop and break free from all those toxic relationships with friends and romantic partners alike. Miley’s more subtle and intimate single speaks to me more. She acknowledges the fact that we’re getting older while recognising our younger life was fun, even though it wasn’t perfect. Both serve as brilliant summer-ending music, moving us from one season to the next.

Thomas Atkinson (Editor-in-Chief/Writer)

These two have already had successful years with Miley’s latest album and ‘Flowers‘ in particular taking the charts by storm, while Selena is, of course, a television star once again with ‘Only Murders in the Building‘. With this track, Miley is once again looking back as ‘Used To Be Young‘ reflects on her career and growth as a human. It’s another melancholic ballad, but those vocals grab you as always and bring out her feelings perfectly.

Gomez meanwhile goes for the big dance-pop smash. The track is full of confidence as she proudly lives her life in defiance of a relationship about to end. Selena uses the production and catchy lyricism to her advantage, making for one of her more memorable tunes. While Selena has delivered here, Miley’s track once again hits due to the narrative and feels like it will stay with you longer.

Final Score: Miley Cyrus 3-1 Selena Gomez

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are on Instagram. Stream both tracks below.

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