#IMMusicMonday: Jade Leanne – Distraction

The beginning of the new year is often a time for reflection and for R&B singer Jade Leanne, her latest single ‘Distraction’ is the exactly that.

The fog of desire has lifted and Jade is finally ready to face the truth regarding her feelings (or lack thereof), for her love interest.

‘Distraction’ follows the release of Jade’s video ‘T.L.T.H (This Love Thing Hurts)’ and has been announced as the second single from the London singer’s upcoming EP.

It appears that the singer is over the heartbreak we saw in her previous single and is instead taking a rather different approach to her romantic pursuits

Teaming up with one of R&B’s rising producers XVR Blck, Jade has produced a track which is emotionally distant yet melodically alluring.

The self proclaimed sexy savage is not only speaking her truth, but is sharing those very honest thoughts with the object of her affection – and boy did she have some words for him.

In a chillingly nonchalant manner Jade shares that he was no more than a distraction from life’s hardships, that spent way too much time over thinking and catching feelings. Now that’s got to hurt!

Determined to let the world know who really calls the shots, ‘Distraction’ takes a look at the dating game from the perspective of a strong, self-assured woman.

Slowing the tempo right down ‘Distraction’ captures the essence of late nineties/early noughties, with an array of soulful harmonies and delicate adlibs.

The real definition of a guilty pleasure, the singer’s effortlessly seductive riffs draw listeners in, lulling them into a false sense of security as she whispers sweet insults about her lover.

Perhaps an indication of Jade’s blueprint for 2020. This is an artist whose music you do not want to miss this year.

While there is no date locked in for the delivery of the new project, Jade has hinted that it may just be out in time for Spring 2020.

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