#IMMusicMonday With Jean-Mikhael

A little over a week after concluding his 52-date school tour, IndustryMe took a little time out with the radiant Jean-Mikhael to chat about fashion, the importance of mental health and of course, the music. Garnering around 40 songs narrowed down to five, JM compiled The Deal within a week! Fun Fact: ‘2 Time Thing’ was the last song to join the audiogasmic quartet as it took five, yes, FIVE months to write.

JM was welcomed by and performed for thousands of students during his tour, oftentimes visiting several schools per day. Sensing my curiosity about the experience, he explained how “you have to be a strong artist because kids are honest.” Needless to say, he was very well received – so much so that several fan-pages have been made in support of his art.

It is not this explorative, buttery RnB artist’s first rodeo ‘round our playlists. Since his first appearance on #IMDiscovers – 10 Artists That Should Be On Your Radar This November in 2018, he reappeared in a review of the acoustic version his debut EP on What’s The Deal, Jean-Mikhael? which is indeed deserving of high praise [as the most played EP on my phone for sure].

Growing up, Jean-Mikhael was classically trained for eight years by an opera singer whom he holds near and dear to his heart. Inspired by the diversity of creative genius’ works such as Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Prince’s The Beautiful Ones, Rihanna’s Desperado and a playlist featuring David Bowie, Rich The Kid, Grace Jones and Alicia Keys, the first song he truly belted out was Fallin’, which played a large role in the official pursuit of a growing global career in artistic expression and music. On the topic of how he maintains a level of great maturity within his writing processes, JM passionately shared that he greatly enjoys experiencing the music. Furthermore, he explained that as an artist, “you have to keep an eye on yourself and find your true sound.”

Owing his emotional consistency to a healthy diet, enough sleep, exercise, meditation and therapy (which is not only for people with problems), he is of sound mind, strengthening the spiritual balance on a daily basis. In conjunction with the aforementioned positive health practices, he’s due for a juice cleanse very soon in preparation for his next music video shoot for a brand spanking new tune that delves a bit into the hip-hop genre, showcasing a side we’ve been dying to see!

Shedding a little light into the UK RnB music scene [honourable mention: “Ray Blk is amazing”], he revealed that much as his vibe is considered to be “glossy”, leaning more towards a sound that has gained much traction in the US, he has noticed that not being yourself leads to the loss of artistic quality.

Armed with entrancing lyrics based on life’s experiences born from conceptualised melodies and a dream to fill the seats of Wembley Stadium in his back pocket, JM started his large live set / production journey by performing with the Dynamic Sound Collective at the Megaro Bar in London on the 29th of May. The accolades don’t stop there! The Jean-Mikhael has already roared across Pulse 88 Radio frequencies, featured in Ticketmaster’s Acoustic Lates at Natural History Museum and sold out headline shows at 229 The Venue as well as Hospital Club, just to name a few.

In addition, this progressive fashion-icon-in-the-making has worked with modelling agencies, opening Cambridge University’s Charity Fashion Show ‘18 wearing Beau-Homme (for which he also modelled menswear). Because his vintage-classic pieces are so unique, I had to find out who his Top 5 Designers were! Trailblazers such as Versace, Alexander McQueen, Carl Langenveld, Vivienne Westwood and Romeo Hunte made the list. Well-travelled and always swaggin’, JM declared that he plans his show-stopping outfits via storyboards in accordance with his mood, leveraging ideas from wardrobe selections in some films and series that capture his attention.

Jean-Mikhael has been back in the studio in the hopes of releasing some more music this year (possibly even a mixtape or two) so while he writes and chooses the finest hits from his expanding catalogue, do enjoy the premier of the official music video for Señorita, and catch up with all that you’ve missed via Instagram and Twitter!

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