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Klaudia Keziah Returns With The Visuals For ‘What Lovers Do’

Pop singer Klaudia Keziah’ teams up with New York native Laurent to deliver the visuals for her latest single ‘What Lovers Do’.

The song, which is a blend of melodious over a trap infuser beat tells the story of two people who at first seem to total opposites but end up realising that they are the perfect match.

Produced by gold selling and UK chart topping producer and engineer JoJo F, ‘What Lovers Do’ sonically combines the UK and USA to create a captivating trap and R&B influenced record, just in time for the summer season.

IndustryMe caught up with Klaudia & Laurent to find out a bit more about the song and how it came about.

How did the feature come about?

Klaudia: I remember writing this song after a super long day at the studio. I kept singing the intro melody, but didn’t even know if I would make it into a full track, I was simply playing around with an idea. And like always, a few lyrics came up and sparked the whole topic of the love/hate relationship scenario. I took a little mental break from songwriting a month prior to this, and now the new batch of music is so much more relatable and real I feel.

Anyway, it was super late and I just kept recording and writing line by line and I was about to leave, but I Jumped back in the booth and the whole chorus just came to me. I really wanted a singalong and straightforward chorus and this just worked perfectly. I left a verse blank because I really felt that there should be another side to the story. From the other persons in the relationship perspective! When I write songs, I always visualise a certain type of vibe and energy around the project, so the feature for this had to be right.

Klaudia keziah talks new single What Lovers Do

Laurent was the first person I thought of and I knew he’d deliver exactly the right finishing touch to the song. And this is my first USA collaboration, which is super exciting. It’s also important for me to get along with people I make music with and Laurent is a super chilled and humble guy. The timing just worked perfectly, as we were going to LA , where Laurent lives to shoot the music video. It all very naturally fell into place.

Laurent: I’ve known Klaudia and JoJo F (producer of WLD)  for maybe 2 or 3 years now. We met through my manager Lee Williams back in 2016. Jo has worked on production for me in the past and I got to meet them for the first time in person in New York at Atlantic Records in 2017. Getting to connect with them definitely established the relationship for us and communicating and supporting each other through Instagram allowed for the feature to happen. Klaudia hit me about a track with an LA vibe and of course I was excited to be on it. Soon as she sent it over I wrote to it that same day and the rest is history.

What is the song about?

Klaudia: I think we’ve all been in relationships or friendships, where you alway come head to head with things and you almost hate each other but    cannot live without each other all at the same time! A crazy, fiery type of relationship. The verses explain our sides of the story, but it all gets explained and resolved in the chorus. The chorus lyrics describe the pattern of being in this type of relationship.

Laurent: The record, to me, is about a couple who can’t stand each other at times but they understand their love and their connection is stronger than the petty things that get them upset about one another. And make up sex is always better after a big fight am i right? It’s just “what lovers do”.

What was your perspective when writing on the song?

Klaudia: I think we had to put ourselves the frame of mind of the highest and lowest points of a love/hate relationship. The verses are pretty biased and both the male and female perspectives battling it out, but we both end up agreeing that no matter how dramatic it can get and how there’s a lot of misunderstanding, we’re a perfect match in the end and are in this forever!

Laurent: My perspective is my own on the song actually. Since I’m in a relationship, I definitely understood the premise right away haha. I’ve experienced these things and I believe Klaudia has too and so the song comes off a bit more genuine and sincere that way.

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