New Hit Series “Blue Laces” (produced by Christina Cooper) To Be Considered For a Daytime Emmy Nomination in 2019

Model and actress Christina Cooper has had an incrediblely busy year. Following the writing and directing of her own film, launching her own TV show and starting in thriller “Unintended“, the rising star returns to acting and producing with TV series “Blue Laces”.

Plot Summary 

“Blue Laces” is a daytime drama series showcasing the strength of two women learning how to heal themselves after experiencing a series of unexpected events living in the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. We see the drama that unfolds in the hospital workplace and within the lives of these two women and everyone around them. The audience will see how blue laces tie the story line together, and won’t see what’s coming next.

Producer Christina Cooper casted a group of talented actors and actresses in this new project and is creating a buzz worldwide and giving new faces a chance to be discovered! The series is perceived to be a hit and is being considered for an Emmy nomination. We are excited for season 1 of “Blue Laces”!

The Cast and Crew Includes:


Lakeisha Andrea as Detective Jones

Christina Cooper as Elizabeth

Nathalia Jackson as Sky

Jonathon Booker as Chief Resident Doctor

Leigha Mai-Ling as Nurse Natalie

Wyatt Hinz as Police officer Bryant

Eric Lloyd as Anthony

Desiree Williams as Chloe

Sierra Nowak as Doctor Mckenzie

Makaela Heard as Erica

Davon Brown as Mike

Freddy Ramsey Jr. as Doctor Mathews

Monique Doughty as Nurse Monique

J’ah-Nika Rieger as Nurse Gabby

Kevin Brown as Detective Miller

Leticia Perez as Detective Garcia

Ka’von Fair as Jacob

Ron Wilkins as Officer James

Tawaiin Clayborn as Tyree

Dion Sykes as the Criminal

Amya Mair as Girl 1

Jennifer Cooper as Girl 2

Tramell Joiner as Damien


Producer / Director / Writer

Christina Cooper

DP (Cinematographer)

Stevie Murrell

DIT / BTS videographer

Joshua Rieger


Shatora Adrell


Marc Olivas

Still photographer

Patricklee Hamilton

1st AD

Kimisha Gill

2nd AD

Robyn Reese

Makeup / Prop blood

Jalisa Mosby

Production Assistant

Alicia Moore

Attorney / Location manager

Ashton Cooper

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