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Sara Diamond Is Lovin’ You In Latest Single!

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Sara Diamond shares her new song ‘Lovin’ from You’ featuring rapper Nick Grant.

‘Lovin’ From You’ (feat. Nick Grant) is an enticing, sensual track about playfully craving a lover’s affection. The song evokes a feeling of sensuality, being honest and loud about love and lust. With Sara’s sultry vocals over the sublime and groovy R&B/Pop dipped melody, she delivers a genuine and seductive performance loaded with vivid and suggestive lyrics.

While Sara Diamond’s sound has always crossed the lines between pop and R&B through her previous projects, she is now diving deeper into the roots of her true inspirations.

Sara Diamond said of the song. “The visuals connect to a 4-part story from my forthcoming EP inspired by empowerment, love, and letting go of inhibitions. This segment involves the deep subconscious, exploring themes of lust, delusion, and heightened emotions.”

She continued, “’Lovin’ from You’ is my first track with a feature! I’m very excited and grateful that Nick jumped on to give a different perspective. We hope it gets you singing and vibing.”

The song is taken from her upcoming EP, which is expected to be released some time in 2022.

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