Kerry Goodhind Returns with 'The Dawn'

Kerry Goodhind Returns with ‘The Dawn’

Bold. That’s the best way to describe London-based singer Kerry Goodhind’s latest video ‘The Dawn.’

If you’re not yet familiar with Kerry Goodhind, there’s no perfect time to get on board. Goodhind’s flair for music began at the age of five when she first laid her hands on the keys of the piano. Since then, she’s been honing her skills as an artist, taking inspiration from a variety of artists, such as Dusty Springfield, Stevie Nicks, Florence + the Machine, and Etta James.

Kerry Goodhind Returns with 'The Dawn'

Since her days as a student at Trinity College of Music, where she studied classical singing and piano, Goodhind has been grinding, and her hard work has been paying off. She has performed at festivals like the Royal Cornwall Show and Port Eliot and has also been a frequent guest and performer on the BBC Introducing Show in Cornwall with David White.

And now she’s destined for even bigger things with the soon-to-be-released ‘The Dawn.’

Musically, from Goodhind’s powerful vocals, which to the beat behind them, ‘The Dawn is reminiscent of ‘90s pop powerhouses like Celine Dion. At the same time, Goodhind creates a sound that is completely her own, and you can definitely hear her classical training in her vocals, which ‘crash like the thunder’ she describes in the lyrics. This is a bonus, as the lyrics and the song’s actual execution are perfectly matched. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean Goodhind is all about the past. Instead, she injects a perfect modern touch, blending the classical with the contemporary in a unique way. It is this homage to the past, linking it with the present, that will take pop music into the future.

Kerry Goodhind Returns with 'The Dawn'

The song, which was released today, has a powerful video to go along with it. Goodhind is at the forefront of the visuals, traipsing through different parts of nature, adding an earthy element to the song.

The video is fairly calming, especially considering the drama of the song, which includes lines about ‘terrors looming.’ However, this calming effect is in line with ‘The Dawn,’ as Goodhind tells the listener, ‘You need to know that I feel it too,’ referring to all of the struggles we face. That calmness, that understanding, is something we all need. 

If you’re as excited for ‘The Dawn’’s release as we are, don’t worry: you can preorder the track now on Apple Music or Google Play. And while you wait, be sure to check out ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ to get a feel for what she and her music is about.

Want to stay up to date with Kerry Goodhind? Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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