LX Mason Is Back And Feeling ‘Fantastic’

After what has felt to fans like forever, Sydney artist LX Mason returns to with his new single ‘Fantastic’.

The eerie acoustic number features vocals from fellow Sydney singer songwriter Valencia James, who you may remember from previous singles ‘Flames‘ and ‘Dreamers‘.

Relying on nothing else but an acoustic guitar and a subtly haunting vocal delivery, the intentionally hollow melody allowed listeners to focus their efforts on understanding the singer’s cryptic words.

Heading straight to the source, to decipher the code, we asked LX Mason on the story behind the track to which he stated:

“Sometimes the most frightening monsters we confront are the ones we’ve created. I wrote it based off of pretentious conversations that I would have with people as they bragged about the apparent success of their current ventures while simultaneously pushing everyone else down. I noticed that after I would hear these things from other people I started to recite them in my own mind – wishing that there was an ounce of truth in it.

It took me to a dark place of comparing myself to other people, trying to rack up my “body count” of people they’ve hurt to get where they are, and ultimately had to come to terms with the monster I was creating. This song is that confrontation. And now, on the other end of it, I’ve never felt truer to myself – caring about the things that actually matter.”

Sydney Artist LX Mason Speaking On The story behind his song fantastic

What the song lacked in instrumentation it made up for with penmenship being described by LX Mason himself as one of his best lyrical pieces to date.

The Sydney singer has teased that ‘Fantastic’ will be one of many singles to be released before the end of the year, being sure to let his fans know that 2019 isn’t over yet.

Listen to ‘Fantastic’ here and let us know what you think @industrymee

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