hannah brown premieres new single so should you

#IMMusicMonday: Hannah Brown Premieres Her New Single “So Should You”

Vocally this is probably Hannah Brown’s best song so far. If you have been following the blog for a while, you may remember my review of her song ‘Empty‘. The growth both lyrically and in her musical development has been amazing to watch over this past year.

While the emotion remains raw and authentic, the songs delivery is certainly more polished giving the song a slightly more commercial feeling, in comparison to Brown’s previous music.

There’s something so ethereal, almost siren like, about Brown’s vocals on the song which remain haunting yet endearing at the same time.

Be warned, this is not a song that you can listen to just once, you will be hitting that repeat button several times – I know I did!

I would describe the song as an indie-rock ballad with a subtle pop influence, and when I say subtle I mean a melodic sprinkle; but it’s there.

“So Should You” tells the story of someone who has come to the realisation of their self worth and has woken up to fact that they deserve better than what their partner is giving them. It’s a powerful number offering a great story and words of empowerment.

This song could easily make the soundtrack of any popular teen drama. So if this music executives at Netflix happen to come across, this track should definitely be on their radar.

You can find more information on Hannah Brown by visiting her website www.hannah-brown.co.uk or you can follow her on social media at www.facebook.com/HannahBrownUK and www.twitter.com/hannahlizzy

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