Miranda Joan

Miranda Joan Brings a Unique Vibe For Hot City Summers on ‘Coffee’ and ‘Too Much’

Miranda Joan is an artist that has carved out her niche when it comes to her sound. A Brooklyn-based musician from Montreal, Joan blends modern sound and drum lines with a real funk in her songs. She is a voice that has already found success playing alongside Lorde, Andy Grammer, and Shawn Mendes.

This duo of songs blends into each other perfectly. ‘Coffee is a sweet and summery song. Its soft vocals drench the rest of the track. Her refrain of ‘Call me, coffee’ is a sticky and sweet opener to ‘Too Much‘. Ironically, the retro synth holds the mix together without overpowering it. The breakdown is groovy and so danceable. Miranda Joan is having fun with the instrumentation, which regularly breaks through the mix. This is unsurprising with her jazz training and the song feels like a jam session that leaked onto Spotify. 

Miranda Joan has created something quite special here. This is someone who is adapting the dreamy liquid D’n’B-inspired melodies to the ever-popular soul and funk backings to create something that has universal appeal. These songs are so infectious and her confidence and talent mean that they are such an exciting voice to follow.  

Miranda Joan is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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