Nápoles Drops New EP – Cloud 9

As the season shifts from Summer to Autumn, the atmosphere changes from vibrant warm blue skies to cool, crisp, amber skies. Along with the seasonal transition, the sound and style of music changes too. Sounds become much more ambient and chilled as the days become shorter and the weather becomes cooler. In order to feel the autumnal changes happening around us, a perfect soundtrack is needed to enhance the experience. That soundtrack belongs to Swedish R&B and Soul artist Nápoles, with her new EP – Cloud 9 – which is guaranteed to send listeners on an enchanting journey to the clouds above.

Opening the EP is the delicate “I Wish You Knew” – as Nápoles lays down light vocals as she proclaims: “I wish you knew how I feel” and wonders “Will this song for you ever be heard…” This intro sets the tone of the EP as there are themes of love, relationships, and self-love. Up next is the sensual “Give It Up” – a song infused with R&B and Hip-Hop vibes.

“To me, “Give It Up” is a song about enjoying myself and my surroundings”.


“Lime & Honey” is a chilled and mellow song, with Nápoles questioning love as she sings: “Will you be there for me till the end?”. The chilled nature of the song is further enhanced by the subtle piano notes heard throughout. “Know My Place” was written by Nápoles as a reminder to keep herself grounded while paying homage to the sound of 90s and 00s slow jams.

“Know My Place is my take on a classic slow jam song. The song brings you back to the 90’s/early ’00s and gives you an up to date feel at the same time. I wrote the lyrics as a reminder to myself to stay grounded. Even when times are hard, I know everything will be alright, and the song itself helps me get to that place“.


“I Been Up” is the fifth track on the EP, utilizing the current sound of Hip-Hop as Nápoles raps/sings over the beat. The final track is the most recent single – “4 In The Morning” – a fresh, otherworldly song which is a perfect way to end the EP. The production is gentle and serene leaving you feeling swept away by Nápoles’ effortless vocals.

Cloud 9 is a tranquil and refreshing body of work, filled with Neo-Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop style production of songwriter and producer – Wahib; complemented by the subtle, seductive vocals of Nápoles. The light and dreamy sound of Cloud 9 definitely is a perfect soundtrack for this autumnal season. It is filled with melodies which seep into the brain while listeners are taken on an interstellar journey of love, peace and ethereal possibilities.

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