NATIIVE Joins Forces with KTJ & CARLY for ‘Holding On’

If you’re looking for a masterclass on the art of electro-pop, look no further than ‘Holding On’ by NATIIVE featuring KTJ & CARLY.


For those unaware, NATIIVE is an electronic music producer and artist who uses his talents and experience in the music industry ‘to execute vast tonal and emotional landscapes over rich beats,’ a task he certainly accomplishes with his latest, ‘Holding On’.

NATIIVE is no stranger to collaboration, frequently working with some of the brightest and most talented emerging artists, and ‘Holding On’ is no different. This time around, he’s collaborating with KTJ & CARLY, a “sister act duo” who have spent their whole lives making music. The sisters have been defining their sound – a blend of pop, electro, and R&B – for the past few years, and the pairing of their style with the style NATIIVE is known for comes together beautifully.

With the experience of NATIIVE and the talent of KTJ & CARLY, it is no surprise that ‘Holding On’ is as stunning as it is.

The single is moving in more ways than one. At first listen, you may find yourself transported to another location. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself in a club, bodies swaying to and from with the infectious beat. Immediately, the track is magnetic, electric – it makes you want to move.

Easily, ‘Holding On’ will have you wanting to move your body – but, lyrically, it has the power to move your soul.


‘Holding On,’ with its booming vocals and the haunting nature of the chorus speaks of someone who now knows their worth after being a former partner’s doormat. ‘I know it’s time to let go,’ the track repeatedly states until you find yourself using those words as a mantra yourself.

Listeners don’t have to wait long to hear the track themselves: ‘Holding On’ by NATIIVE featuring KTJ & CARLY will be released on April 3, 2020. You can pre-save it on Apple Music and Spotify here.

Keep up with NATIIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify, and for more on KTJ & CARLY, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify as well.

For more information on both artists, you can check out both NATIIVE’s and KTJ & CARLY‘s websites.

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