Has Payson Lewis Been Making Trouble?

Has Payson Lewis Been Making Trouble?

‘Ladies and gentlemen, it was a cold-blooded, premeditated murder.’

We have here a brand new single from an artist who is not unfamiliar to IndustryMe; Payson Lewis. Not so long ago, we talked a little about the reclamation of power in Payson Lewis’ Nothing To You music video, and today, we’re talking Making Trouble!

This effervescent tune is about how love can allure us into doing and saying uncharacteristic things that could land us in hot water. We’ve all been there and this hit puts a positive spin on that story!

Has Payson Lewis Been Making Trouble?

There’s nothing quite like falling for a guiltless soul. Freedom in spirit and fearless intent is VERY attractive and influential, so Payson Lewis made a song about it!

Throwing all caution to the wind in love is a surefire sign of being held by the grips of love! Soon-to-be making major waves in the pop scene, Making Trouble deserves a music video. Yeah, I said it!

Payson’s songwriting abilities, high energy melodies and perfectly timed breakdowns make this a complete masterpiece. Personally, I’d like to hear this tune in an official OST for a good Netflix film or series. Could I be saying this because I’m obsessed? It’s truly hard not to be!

A year after the emotional “Take Me Apart” EP, Payson Lewis has always shot his shot and never misses when it comes to music and that’s the kind of bravery we appreciate. Having garnered praise from the likes of Perez Hilton, Mashable and Parade Magazine, his music resonates to even the pickiest of ears. You literally cannot hate this man’s music. It’s impossible.

We don’t know how much more he has in store but we are being dosed with all this pop goodness, single by single. What is our verdict? Based on the evidence presented, we find the defendant, Payson Lewis, guilty of Musical Manslaughter because he is clearly killing it.

This is one of those songs that prove just how much experience Payson has as an artist.

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