Payson Lewis Reclaims His Power in ‘Nothing to You’

If you have ever underestimated the power of pop music, stop now and shift focus. Payson Lewis is in the building! Back and better than ever, jack of all trades and Philly kid Payson Lewis opens up the year of 2020 with a hit that hits back – ‘Nothing to You’.

In a tale of a lover-turned-accessory, Payson Lewis steps into his own light in the ‘Nothing to You’ music video directed by Collin Duffy (the genius)!

In the video, he expresses the story of a young man who is treated more like an assistant than a romantic partner,underappreciated and overwhelmed, adoring a superficial lover who only uses and abuses this adoration.

Being the helpful partner that he naturally is, Payson holds the life of his lover together, ensuring that she attains whatever it is that she wants only to be ostracised by her and her posse alike.

Somewhat comical and colourful, the ‘Nothing to You’ scenes expose the endless rejection by this lover who puts herself first – no matter how much her needs are catered to by this young gent.
This heartfelt tale sees Payson finally leaving the treachery, and realising his worth, declaring ‘you can stop trying to fool me like I need your love – it’s not worth what I’m giving up’.
This is the music video that will draw you into his catalogue.

Effortless in his vocal prowess and an electric guitar-driven synth-pop song, Payson pulls himself towards himself towards himself and tips the scales in his favour. Suave and creative, this music video gets a 10/10 from us! Pop is back and it’s bold!
You can watch the video here:

Catch up with Payson Lewis on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and his Official Website to have the low-down on his next moves!

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