Why pluko’s Visual Album ‘COLOR BLIND’ Needs To Be Seen

Exclusively premiered on Proximity, pluko (yes, his moniker is all lowercase) debuted his stimulating album film – COLOR BLIND. If you’ve been on any kind of hallucinogenic trip, you know, from fatigue or other things, prepare for flashbacks.

Fans of retro-cinematic visuals from artists such as Jungle and Glass Animals would thoroughly enjoy pluko’s second album COLOR BLIND. Before the track by track breakdown of COLOR BLIND, here’s a little more about pluko.

Quick Backstory

Sam Martinsen a.k.a pluko is a 20-year-old producer, remix genius, and vocalist from the small town of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. After making the transition from bedroom to the main stage, he’s worked with the likes of Jackson Stokes, Peter Fenn, Nate Traveller, Panama, ilo ilo & Parker Livingston. We talked a little about his infections lead single called ‘used to‘ with Cassette Tapes in our #IMDiscovers: April Roundup but little did we know that a full-on album was in the making (only because we’re in the era of EP’s again).

pluko has played at various North American festivals such as HARD Summer, Firefly Festival and Coachella. In 2018, he released his first full-length album titled ‘sixteen‘ via Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective and later joined the duo at the annual Red Rocks show. In 2019, he announced the creation of his own record label called Splendid Society and independently released another project – ‘CLASS XIX‘ – and has been making major moves ever since.

The Breakdown

Beautiful landscapes, paint ripples, cool edits, and memoir videos are the centres of the visuals. The 13-track visualizer clocks in at 44 minutes and 44 seconds. Get your energy drink & your headphones- this gon’ be a long one [clicks knuckles].

1. go

Welcome to COLOR BLIND – a place where colour (yes, we spell it correctly) is embraced. Listeners can hear the experience that this man has from a production perspective, and watchers can get a visual representation of the kind of freedom that that experience brings. And that’s all that needs to be said about that!

2. blessings (ft. Nate Traveller)

FOMO ALERT: If you’re living in a city that’s further from the beach than you’d prefer, pluko is showing off. Be prepared. In a song that he has said to be one of it’s favourites to have created with Nate Traveller, this track is like a gentle turn down from the hype and uniqueness of the intro.

3. rainbow

Back on the hype train, this adventurous song is one for the energy lovers. This song sounds like it was inspired by deep EDM and Trap music. When discussing this super fun jam, pluko explained “I love making tracks that make people go crazy and I knew I needed to have this one on the record.”

4. your skin

The lyrics to ‘your skin’ were said to have been written a long time ago and was given a new life with hella stimulating visuals. This smooth vibe is, like ‘rainbow’, a slight turn down with the epic tempo change (sensing a pattern here).

5. the lovely one

This is a dramatization of life itself. This cinematic track would fit exceptionally well in an episode of something cool on Netflix. The visual below does it more justice than my words.

6. seventeen

Remember those electro-pop tracks that we used to listen to in the early 2000’s with super meaningful lyrics? ‘seventeen’ sounds like an endless journey of resolve via a trip through nostalgia avenue. Singing solo for the first time on the album, pluko “wanted to write a more house-inspired vocal track for the album” and it’s dope AF.

7. isittoogoogtobetrue?

So this is where the transition on the album begins… And lasts for 5 minutes and 27 seconds. “How could anything go wrong?” This song really is something special. Electric guitar elements make it all the more special.

8. used to (with Cassette Tapes)

We covered this song just recently in our #IMDiscovers: April 2020 Roundup, talkin’ about how indie-pop will always find a way into your life and we now see how it fits into this album, serving us with a hint of honeyed vocals and ‘Love Me Less’ by MAX vibes. We still love you the same, pluko.

9. next to u

Born from duality and the combination thereof, ‘next to you’ is a head-nodder. MacGuyver-ing two ideas into one and adding a grainy drop makes just shows off this man’s ingenuity.

10. reality distortion

This song has a sinister twist to it. It was the last one to be submitted to this album. It’s a mind-bending track with high vibes and a deep bassline that can send anyone into a spin.

11. higher (with Panama)

You ever been a fan of somebody and ended up working with them? That’s how this bad boy came about. Being what the artist calls “a dream come true”, pluko got to work with hit maker Panama on this and it’s one of the favourites on the whole album. But then again, this album made it difficult to choose one favourite.

12. where u been (with ilo ilo)

Your depth of thought is relative to your perception of the act of thinking, and this song expresses that. Perfect for the night drives and study breaks.

13. i hope it’s not goodbye

Being the oldest in terms of ideas, this song is the outro of all outros featuring a poem that he wrote. Yo! pluko! A note from me to you: That Morse code easter egg really caught my ear man!


This video contains flashing images and may not be suitable for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy.

“COLOR BLIND represents a moment in time where music is the only thing that you let affect you.” – pluko

This was an absolute joy to watch. And your drive around to the store for some essentials deserves a soundtrack and this is it. We know that the last song is not goodbye from pluko because a reliable little birdie told us that there’s more coming… On the topic of birds – follow pluko on Twitter and follow us on Instagram for updates on the latest. We know what you don’t know yet… So wouldn’t you like to find out?

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