RVHEEM Releases Single That Is Perfect For You…

UK-based alt R&B artist RVHEEM (pronounced ‘Raheem’) released his new single titled, For You. The talented artist, who is of Kenyan and South Indian descent, has received a lot of attention since emerging as an artist from Liverpool.

Throughout For You ,the story gives listeners an insight into a man’s tender heart as he fights for his love. With tear-jerking lyrics over a melancholy R&B dipped melody, RVHEEM‘s vocals flow smoothly, gently taking the listener into the depths of his soul. With a raw and stripped-down approach, RVHEEM reminds us all how to feel, how to love, and how to lose with honest grace.

About the single RVHEEM said, “It’s easier for a man to act as if he doesn’t care than to face how he truly feels. “For You” was my way of accepting how I felt, and it taught me that sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.”

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