Sabah Kenway

Sabah Kenway Proves She’s ‘The One’ In New Track

23-year-old North West London soul singer-songwriter Sabah Kenway has showcased her 90s R&B influences with her single The One, released on 25th March. Sabah’s 6th studio single draws on the work of the artists that inspired her to pursue her musical career, with the instrumentation of this track demonstrating a synth embellishment, similar to that of TLC. 

The track, produced by London rapper and producer SFROMWEST, explores post-break-up growth and realising who you once thought was ‘the one’ isn’t who they first seemed. Kenway’s vocals paired with SFROMWEST’s production shape up to make a modern-day 90s break-up jam, showing great likeness to Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah, the pioneers of this genre. 

Sabah Kenway has a hush and soulful tone of voice conveys the warmth of this ‘perfect storm’ that can be initially experienced in a relationship. The layering of the lyrics and the vocal segments brings depth to the song, striking an emotive undertone to this slow jam. The way the drums come and go throughout the structure of the track also brings a groove to the song, creating quite the R&B ballad, especially with the addition of a guitar solo midway. 

With Kenway’s biggest inspiration coming from her musically-inclined parents, creating music is in her blood. From first writing at the age of 7, to now, with multiple promising single releases on her roster, Kenway is definitely one to watch in the world of soul. 

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