R&B Returns From It’s ‘Intermission’

Dead? Not even close! In fact, UK R&B is alive and kicking. One artist who is making sure that everybody recognises this, is UK R&B vocalist Ricardo Williams.

The singer unveils his brand new EP ‘Intermission Vol 1’

Fittingly titled, the project is symbolic of the Soul returning to R&B and successfully breathes new life into the 90s inspired sound.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of HER, Dru-Hill and Daniel Ceaser, ‘Intermission’ is a story of love with a dash of loss, that offers a fresh take on a walk down memory lane.

Serving as a sultry precursor to the delectable passion project the EP opens with the song ‘Intro‘ . The track did exactly what it said on the tin, acquainting listeners with the deeply expressive sounds of Ricardo Williams. Complete with harmonious vocal arrangements and seemingly Tank inspired vibes, ‘Intro‘ offered great insight for the greatness to come – which even included a subtle nod to the track list!

While tracks like ‘Come Over’ beautifully showcased the singer’s falsetto, it is tracks like ‘All I Need’ that will really make you hit rewind. The UK R&B powerhouse was definitely in his element. It’s the duet that you didn’t you didn’t know you needed but, you’ll sure be overjoyed you heard.

The track, which features the incredible vocals of Yummy Bingham is simply effortless eargasmic excellence.

While ‘All I Need‘ was the favourite an honourable mention has to go to ‘He Ain’t Me’.

Male Bravado 808s and dripping in passion this song had all the bells and whistles of 90s R&B that we have grown to love.

The tenuous video game sample within the production detail was an effective yet understated allusion to the idea that the singer is done playing games, further adding to the gentlemanly cheek of the song.

Speaking on the EP Ricardo revealed:

“I wanted to create something that had the same feeling I had when I played any 90/00 R&B act for the first time. I missed hearing music like that, so for me. I also wanted to lay a solid foundation on what will come next. this EP is a perfect mix of what I love and who I am. A big theme running through the EP is relationships and love. I got to a point where I felt like love was missing in the world so I wanted to give the world love again.”

A timely and coherent body of work, Williams represents the resurgence of authenticity within the genre, a direction we are excited to see UK R&B go in.

Bring on volume 2, we are ready and waiting!

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