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Tiffany Calver and Polydor Team Up to Launch No Requests Label

Tiffany Calver is back giving the UK rap game all it needs to propel globally by partnering up with Polydor Records to create Rap focused label, No Requests.

Of course, Tiffany Calver is known for spearheading rap with her shows on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, including 1Xtra’s Rap Show every Saturday night. She will be teaming up with the head of marketing at Polydor, Jade Bradshaw alongside co-presidents Ben Mortimer and Tom March. The idea of No Requests as a brand stemmed from one of Tiffany’s pet peeves while DJing and established itself through t-shirts and stickers first.

The launch of this exciting label is a continuation of the work Tiffany already does and says that partnering with Polydor is “It’s a real privilege to take a leap into this new chapter by partnering with a force like Polydor. A label that has a proven track record for developing successful artists and careers, and that understands the power of combining their years of expertise with fresh ears.

“I’m focused on working with new and exciting talent who all bring something different to the table. I don’t want to sign records for algorithms. I’m not necessarily interested in what already ‘works’ or is trending. I want to champion musicians who want to make music that’s true to themselves. That sounds different to what else is out there. And I want to help to provide an environment for creating long-lasting careers in the process.”

In a statement made by Polydor, they said that “Tiffany’s mission as a champion for new UK rap talent, and a conduit for it to connect on a global context, continues with the new label.”

The first artists to work with No Requests are drill/rap artists, Bandokay and M’way, both having independently created a name for themselves amassing millions of views collectively.

“It’s about supporting what I believe in, the people I’m a fan of,” added Calver. “I’m more of a specialist, I’m not a party DJ. I’m picky, I’m selective, I’m credible.”

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