#IMDiscovers: January 2020 Roundup

Welcome to 2020!

IndustryMe is back with our first roundup of the year. We hope you’ve had a great festive season and have joined the year with a new set of goals, drive, ambition and a brand new playlist!

These are the Top 10 Tracks that you should be listening to this 20-Plenty.

1. Mercston – More Life ft. Aliga

Mercston released his new project called Top Tier featuring a music video for hit single More Life. With hard bars, an uplifting beat and Aliga’s smooth vocals, Mercston opens up the year with a brief soliloquy; ‘Life is one big road with a lot of signs, obstacles and hurdles, all attempting to derail your quest, so from here, it’s tunnel vision.’  This is definitely the note that we would like to start the new decade on – More Life!

2. Georgia Meek – Just Kids

The power! Georgia Meek lets us know that life was once so simple in her latest single Just Kids. This classical-piano driven heart-song is an ode to childhood in the age of adulthood and it’s challenges. This well-written masterpiece has tidbits of humour and depth entwined within it. Georgia Meek, take us to church, girl.

3. Anson Seabra – Robin Hood (Sam Sun X HRK Remix)

This reggaeton retake on a song of gut-wrenching crimes against the heart casts a brand new light on heartbreak. Sam Sun and x HRK’s remix of Anson Seabra’s Robin Hood  put’s a little swing on backstabbing, making it way easier to dance to the beat of our problems, one reggaeton kick at a time.

4. Jeffrey James – Downtown

Drawing a fine line between narcissism and romance, Jeffrey James shares Downtown with us. With a vibey melody and a little rasp in his voice, this track is awesome for those lax days and sounds like something we’d love to watch during a live performance. Jeffrey James is an artist to watch this year!

5. Deanna Devore – Lately (ft. M. Istry)

Perfect for those canoodles and chill, Deanna Devore brings us Lately and we can well and truly say that we’ll be back for more. After having worked with SG Lewis, Jamie Cullum and Bonobo, this lo-fi tune oozes seduction, all whilst making sense of the roller-coaster ride that is relationships.

6. Iyla – Tattoo Tears

Guys! I can’t get enough of this song! One word? POWER! Iyla is an artist with a versatile style and abstract visuals to tantalise almost all senses. Tattoo Tears is a jam worthy of praise as it speaks on a different form of strength born from pain. Look, the song and video speak for themselves! I’m just gonna leave that link right here!

7. Why Don’t We – Chills

The quality of this music video got me! Why Don’t We may look like they have just walked off the set of X-Factor as the western BTS in the making, but don’t you underestimate these youngens. Their cabin in the woods vibes (but not in the creepy kinda way) music video for chills has amazing edits! Also – in South Africa we’d say “cava the fit” meaning ‘those outfits though!’

8. Tove Lo – Passion and Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak

She’s back! Tove Lo has been quiet for about a minute but because she’s consistent, we’re not mad. From a mini EP called ‘Bikini Porn’, we present to you Passion and Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak – a stripped tune that places more focus on this pop songstress’ vocal prowess and enchanting song-writing. Tove Lo is so relatable, especially in the new decade. I’m in love.

9. Doja Cat – Boss B*tch

The Juicy queen, miss Doja Cat reminds us of just how bossy she is in this new track. With Azalea Banks vibes and a digital wop, you better get the hell up for this one! In case you didn’t know, Doja got bars! This jam comes straight from the Birds of Prey OST and in true Doja Cat fashion, it slaps! Fun Fact: Doja’s dad is a South African actor, composer and film producer and her mum is a painter.

10. Brianna Cash – Numb (with Tory Lanez)

Whine ‘pon it to Brianna Cash & Tory Lanez’ Numb. This song about dealing with a person whom you know is trouble has elements inspired by so many genres, making it the song for everybody. The combo of Bri and Tory’s vocals and semi-psychedelic visuals blend well into the song’s theme. Brianna Cash came into 2020 strong!

And that’s how we’re gonna start the year off – focused, stronger, empowered and driven! Follow us on all socials to keep in touch and updated!

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