#IMMusicMonday: In Conversation With Mo_Ve

Russian electro-pop singer Mo_ve makes her debut with synth-filled single “Sexy Talk”. An uptempo track of empowerment the summer smash was inspired by her own long-distance love story.

Beginning her musical journey as part of a 10 piece jazz band in Moscow going on to perform worldwide to millions, playing headlining tours in China, and even on national TV. 

Mo_ve spoke to IndustryMe about her transition into pop, her upcoming work and more.

Where does the inspiration for your name come from?

Actually it was 6 years ago when I’m thinking about the name of my Jazz band, I was in love with the movie “Dreamgirls” with Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. The main song from this movie is called “Move” and I was in love with this song. And my full name, the initials are M.O.V. so, I decided that’s a good sight. The meaning of this word really fits me. I’m really about action, I have a lot of energy and I’m really passionate on the stage. 

For most people Jazz and pop are worlds apart so how did the transition between genres come about?

For me jazzy sound is  all about the special groove and a special energy. My father taught me to notice exactly this when I was a little girl. In this meaning Jazz and pop aren’t worlds apart. So in my opinion, modern pop music is a really mixed thing and it includes every genre that was popular in the past including Jazz. 

How does life as a solo artist compare with being in a 10 piece band?

They are really different things because first of all, we were performing cover songs. And the main goal of the Jazz band was the technical, musical side of performance. It’s about huge energy and the live show, special effects in music, it’s really epic, and I adore this.

But as a solo artist, it’s more about my own personality, about music, that could impact people deeply because it’s already something original and means a lot for me. It’s more emotional and I can motivate people directly with my words and my own sound. Bring them something more than just a vibe or pleasant evening show. 

Mo_ve sexy talk

Where does your confidence come from?

I lost my parents at a very young age. I had to survive on my own, nobody was there for me. I realized in this time that just confidence and power inside me helps me in this dark period in my life. This situation made me stronger and I realized that I need to be a confident person that can move forward to my dreams and my goals without any support. 

And this sense of confidence is something you are hoping to inspire in other women?

Sure. I was born a confident person and everywhere in the garden, in school, and in university, I feel it inside. Of course, my situation with my parents made me stronger, but anyway it’s really my character. I wanna inspire women to be confident in their own power.

It’s about relationships, it’s about sexuality, about business and independence with money, about making decisions.

And first of all, I want to inspire women to be happy and realize that they can create this happiness in their own life. To love who they want to love, to be in a place, where they want to be. 

So your new single “Sexy Talk” is inspired by a long-distance relationship? Tell me a little more about that.

It was an amazing story. We met in Dubai and there was so much electricity between us. After this I came back to Russia, he went back to Germany. And it seemed that there was no future, but our connection was really unique and strong even with the distance. We stay [connected] just with our chats, sending photos, texting. Sometimes you don’t feel as close to someone even when they are in the same room as we felt [even] with the distance. It was a whole year, of course, there were some problems, but I never felt something similar before. It was fantastic and I really wish everyone could feel this strong and crazy feeling. 

Mo_ve sexy talk

What do you think is the key to making a long-distance relationship work?

Strong connection, passion, and of course confidence that you wanna be exactly with this person. Believe in the future, that it’s an honest and true feeling and finally you will live together and this relationship becomes so precious and valuable. You have to be a strong person, that can handle it, but it’s an amazing story when you really feel such a deep feeling. 

You’re in LA now right? What was the biggest culture shock for you moving out there?

I was always in love with this culture. It comes from my favorite American music, movies, tv shows, and so on. And when I came here everything was exactly like in the movies. That’s why I’m so happy that I’m here, living here already for 5 months. Everything around me seems familiar so that’s why I never feel culture shock. And of course, it’s also because I’m not alone here, I have a close friend and she has guided me in this amazing city, so I have really a big support system.  

What are you currently working on?

Now I’m planning to release my second song, it’s also about distance, but with another vibe. Managing my debut project MO_VE, writing new songs. Also, I have a business, it’s a huge educational project with my friend, who is a really famous vocal coach in Russia, an amazing recording artist, and living in LA. It’s an online vocal school and marathons and it’s really successful. So I have many projects and I am really proud of all of them because it’s my purpose to impact people, with love, music and with sharing my experience, inspire people, and help them. 

Listen to “Sexy Talk” by Mo_ve:

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