The Jade Leanne Experience

Prepare to enter the world of R&B singer Jade Leanne.

The East Londoner, whose love and passion for music can be traced back to her childhood, began her journey with the release of her first single “She” in 2018.

The singer spent much of the following year making waves on the performance circuit The array of singles that followed including “Mama Didn’t Raise a Fool” in collaboration with Ada B and Cheryll, and “Lost in you“, laid a solid foundation for the project that would inevitably follow.

Today she shares that project with the world.

Introducing The Experience.

The EP showcases the soulful sounds of singer-songwriter Jade Leanne and the production work of upcoming producer XVR BLCK, alongside features from UK rapper Tray Avlon and brother, Jordan Benjamin (British actor and filmmaker).

Jade Leanne The Experience tracklist

The cover art, a striking embodiment of strength, shows jade head shaven and clothed in a rich pink coloured ensemble. It perfectly captures everything the project is about, sensuality, vulnerability and the journey of womanhood.

The Experience is a collection of 4 songs and a poem including previously released single T.L.T.H. Each written by Jade Leanne, the songs detail that choices made and lessons learned after a breakup.

The EP opens with poetry. Using little more than a piano melody and some soulful backing vocals Jade Leanne gently ushered fans into her space with hushed tones. This track did exactly what it’s final line said and welcomed listeners to the experience as she prepared to take them on a journey.

The Highlights

A cohesive body of work, The Experience seamlessly brings together a selection of old school sound scapes and modern alternative R&B influences. While each song offered something different there were a few that stood out to me.


You’ll know how much I enjoyed this song from January’s review but after hearing it how well it fit in within the wider context of an EP it was worth mentioning again.

Track two of the project sees the R&B singer addressing a former lover she’s realised is no longer good for her. Listeners can’t help feeling a tad nostalgic with the production work on the track which really captures the essence of late nineties/early noughties R&B.


While the entire EP oozes honesty, B.O.Y sees the singer switch into to a more sensual lane. Channelling an array of alternative R&B vibes the Jhene Aiko influence on this song is evident.

This is easily my favourite track on the EP for the way it showcases the varying elements of Jade Leanne voice. The tonal richness of her adlibs and the delicacy of her upper register; effortlessly decorated by soulful harmonies.

Mood 4 Love

The EP’s closing track sees the singer reopening her heart to the idea of love featuring a flawless verse from Tray Avon. This feature worked very well with the smooth transitions between Jade’s vocals and Tray’s verse. The collaboration felt like a natural fit that only added to the authenticity of the stories shared on the project.

Overall, The Experience serves as a solid introduction to the emerging R&B artist and one that excites me for everything she has to come.

Listen to The Experience here:


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