#IMDiscovers: October Roundup

IndustryMe returns with your one stop shop for new music discovery. This month we bring you 11 of best pop and R&B songs, that caught our ear.

1.Gavin Haley – Long Game

Something whimsical about this song. Maybe it was Haley’s breathy, delicate falsetto over the rumbling pop melody or the strumming of the electric guitar before the final chorus. Whatever the source of magic, the singer had listeners entranced from start to end. ‘Long Game’ forms part of the LA singer-songwriter’s latest EP which also features past singles “The Way I Am (feat Ella Vos)” and “Show Me,”

2.Tamaraebi – Hey Hey Hey

Following the release of his single ‘Heaven’s Gate’, Nigerian born R&B artist takes on another journey ‘Hey Hey Hey’

Stepping right out of an 80s soundtrack, Tamaraebi’s vocals will instantly transport you to another world. Accompanied by a simple yet alluring guitar melody the song sees the singer explore the idea of showing no love.

3.Raynes – Lemon Drop

Hearing this song, you’ll instantly be remenicent of fun filled memories of summers passed. With a sound which can be described as the pathway where Ed Sheeran meets Bastille, the band brings together memorable melodies and beautiful violin riffs. Launching into the world of pop with brilliantly written debut single ‘Lemon Drop’, the LA based band have positioned themselves as ones to watch over the coming months.

4.Kathana – Running Wild

Washington State based artist, Kathana released a brilliant song entitled a killer ‘Running Wild’, which explores relationships, love, and anxiety. The track combines elements of jazz inspired & electronic sounds with pop. Singer/songwriter Kathana draws from emotional experiences to write her lyrics, in the indie pop/ electronic genre.

5.Lulise – Loving You

Everybody remembers their first crush. This track’s mildly jazz infused pop sound will instantly remind you of that place. Prepare yourself to be transported to simpler times. (Think the S club 7 era of pop but more soulful vocals.) The song is a subtle nod to Lulise’s vocal range, something tells me there’s a little more in the tank we’ve yet to see.

6.Girl Wilde – Killing Time

Taken from Girl Wilde’s EP ‘Probably Crying’, ‘Killing Time’ can be described as a dose of 00’s nostalgia, marrying electro pop melodies with a sincere vocal delivery.

Known for tackling subject matters is traditionally considered to be taboo, the ‘Probably Crying’ EP represents the soundtrack to Girl Wilde’s journey of self discovery.

7.Phöenix Lazare – Salt

Riding on the simplicity of a heartfelt guitar melody, ‘Salt’ is about walking away from toxic energy even when it’s hard. It is beautiful lyricism surrounded by an air of melancholy – poetically sad but undeniably relatable. The end result is something which is pure and honest and allows listeners to focus on the beauty of the music.

8.Kacey V – Jealous

As the title may have already suggested, Pop-R&B song ‘Jealous’ tells the story of the jealous lover. Using chant style adlibs on the hook to relay feelings of angst, ‘Jealous’ paints the all too familiar picture of the girl that’s a little too fixated on what her love is doing. Think Bebe Rexha meets Mabel. A combination of catchy choruses and the light accent of soulful riffs, Kacey V delivers passion filled pop goodness.

9.Samuel Jack – In My Head

Samuel Jack will have your soul stirring with heartfelt indie-pop ballad ‘In My Head’. With a sound that can be described as a combining the tonal richness of Sam hunt, with the vocal stylings of Lewis Capaldi the poignant track notates the struggles of being an independent musician. ‘In My Head’ is a song inspired by Jack’s own experiences with mental health, a topic which he considers to be close to his heart.

10.Georgia Meek – When You’re Sober

You may remember Georgia Meek from previously featured single ‘Pray’. The indie-pop singer returns with her latest song ‘When You’re Sober’, which is centred around the not so glamorous realisation that the connection shared with someone else may just a symptom of inebriation. The emotions of the song were driven beautifully by the tones of the male backing singer.

With a vocal delivery loosely reminiscent of Charlie XCX and a selection of chant like adlibs, Meek navigates her way through the complex ups and downs of young romance.

Whilst releasing the songs track by track throughout 2019, the EP has already passed 100,000 streams across stores, scored two of the biggest moments on ITV2’s Love Island, seen features in international press including Music Week, playlists by Ministry Of Sound & more.

The full EP will officially become

The inclusion of strings in the pre chorus allude to the possibility of love, but will it ever blossom?

Maybe we will find out about it with the release of her new EP on November 1st.

11.Kyla – Personal

First capturing the attention of the nation with the single ‘Do You Mind’, R&B singer Kyla quickly became a very prominent name in urban British culture. The singer reemerged 10 years later when Drake sampled her vocals for his number 1 hit ‘One Dance’.

Leaning in to more of a dancehall inspired sound the R&B singer returns with her new song ‘Personal’.

‘Personal’ comes about at a time where Kyla is battling with a rare pregnancy complication called ‘Hyperemesis Gravidarum’.

Choosing not to allow herself to be limited by the circumstances she continues to build her label, and raise awareness of the condition too.

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