Madison Paris Ends her Hiatus With ‘Reservations’.

The young starlet, Madison Paris, ends her anticipation-inducing silence with the release of her latest single ‘Reservations’.

Changing pace from her previous releases such as ‘Rum & Wine‘ and ‘Skin Good‘, Madison is riding the melodic wave we saw on ‘ETA’. The sultry songwriter has taken on a trapsoul / R&B trap instrumental produced by Sokari and embellished it with her perfect vocal layers. And she dropped the visuals about a week ago! I know you just did the Shmoney Dance – ’cause you be on some hot ish.

Having begun her musical journey just with a love of the art and persistence, Madison Paris has gone full steam ahead since our interview with her a little while ago. She has taken full advantage of the booming R&B scene in the UK (and worldwide, to be honest), churning out hit after hit. Her team is flexed their creatives muscles with the singer’s visuals and she has, once again, teamed up with Director and Editor Gino Fernandez. If you’re a fan of or have seen anything directed by BRTHR, you’ll be quite impressed by Gino and the creative team’s work on this.

On a plot against a sugar daddy, Madison Paris and some friends neutralize their victim so as to enjoy the perks of his wealth in peace. From the lavish mansion to the Vogue-worthy outfits, right down to the bedazzled duct-tape, this music video is visually stimulating in so many ways.

Madison’s visuals almost always have some symbols of the spiritual world hidden in them. Those Easter eggs are always pretty interesting to find. For example, in the ‘ETA‘ music video there’s a ouija board [pronounced “wee-gee” and said to be used to communicate with the dead] on a table, and now there’s a 3 of Swords tarot card [from the Original Rider Waite deck] which represents heartbreak, heavy burdens, and learning to face life’s adversities via a painful release with a positive approach, in ‘Reservations‘.

Her competitive nature and decorum always keep her ahead of the game. With this video, she’s opened a little portal into her future in music however, when it comes to her, we know never to expect the same thing twice from this young beaut. Catch up with her on Instagram to keep track of what’s coming next for her.

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